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Who will be this year's winners in China's semiconductor industry? JW Insights will announce the results in December


Nov 12, 2021

2021 is to come to an end soon. Who are the movers and shakers in China's semiconductor industry this year?  JW Insights has started the selecting to find out. In December, the final ranking lists, along with "The China IC Industry Top Award," will be announced and presented at the China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Meeting in a ceremony in Beijing.

China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA) and JW Insights, China's leading semiconductor and ICT industry information and consulting service, launched the annual award in January 2020. It recognizes achievements and innovation to boost the competitiveness and upgrading of China's semiconductor industry. It has become one of the most influential awards in the industry.  The 3rd edition of the award ceremony and the annual CSIA meeting is scheduled to take place in December this year. The exact date is to be announced.

Applications for the new awards are underway.  Votes on the winners will be cast by the 134 CSIA's council members and CEO group members. The number of The China IC Industry Top Awards has expanded to 15 this time. They are:  

The Best Technology Breakthrough of the Year;

The Best Company of the Year in China Market Performance;

The Best Company of the Year in Market Breakthrough;

The Best Innovative Product of the Year;

The Outstanding Investor of the Year;

The Best Investment Institution of the Year;

The Best Industrial Investment Institution of the Year;

The Best Early-Stage Investment Institution of the Year;

The Best New Company of the Year;

The Most Promising Company of the Year;

 The IC Unicorn of the Year;

The Best Brand Innovation of the Year

The CSR Company of the Year;

The Best Employer of the Year;

The Best Startup of the Year;

The previous edition of China's IC Industry Top Awards and China's IC Industry Ranking Lists were announced in January 2021 based on 2020 performances; The winners came from 36 IC companies, 40 semiconductor investment institutions, 20 investors, and two IC Industry Parks.

CSIA was founded in 2017 by major semiconductor investment companies and institutions in China,  including the national  China IC Industry Development Fund.

 The annual meeting of CSIA and the award ceremony have attracted the attendance of the industry's top-tier investors and achievers in the country and representatives from multinationals.

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